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--- Quote from: Kiwi on October 10, 2009, 06:22:36 AM ---
One day I hope to have a NZ schooner scow on the pond, but in the meantime will have to make do with my little footy-scow.

--- End quote ---

Hi Kiwi, is this the same type of "footy skow" as is shown in the Marine Modelling Int magazine from October'09 ? I just picked the mag up yesterday for another article on a Canadian CG  Ice Breaker. In the centrefold wass a rather nice model.... no not that kind.... a footy classskow with two alternate bow designs. If it is I know someone who will be requesting a copy.



Harold H. Duncan:
Hi Jim,
yep, that's my little footy-scow.
The Alma (usa) is finished and sailed weekends, the Alma (nz) is being re-rigged at the moment, and drawings finished. I have A3 sets of drawings for both, and there will be a third with a different hull. (There where basically 3 hull types).
plans available at, or pm me direct on paddleducks for paddleduck-price(basically only to cover postage).

She's a little beauty Harry, and is that sailplan of "CURACAO" featured in a thread somewhere the ship that came out to N.Z. and what would you call that rig??? Several of the Curacao crew died at and are buried at Rangiriri after the siege. and your last pics of Rahiri appear as though council have cleaned up . regards ray


That's some lovely work, you've got there!  Love that brig & the trawler ain't bad, either.  ;)


Chuck,  Just had an offer for trawler  2,000 pounds sterling. No way. Its in the local museum for the winter. Geoff


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