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Thank you Eddy & Mick. The bit for which I am most proud, is there is a large hatch there. The manhole cover by the transom of the punt is the only clue. Geoff

Hi PD' you mean that London oversized pad-lock RGY? ....... Derek

This is the hatch I ment Derek. It has taken me this long to find it. Geoff

I love your fishing smacks & trawlers - anything with character fits well in my book!  ;D

I have a Thunder Tiger Catherine that's been gathering dust that I have the mind to covert over to full sail as a smack or ketch through some minor rework & the addition of a longer keel & overhanging stern.  Right now my daughter thinks its her's but one day when I think I don't have enough on my plate...

David Hunter:
Very beautiful high quality work.

My offering is Rosa an Essex Smack and the reason I didn't finish my paddle project last year!



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