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Hi, does anybody know of a source of plans or articles for a J class that will show details of cabins, deck hardware etc? I have ordered a 48" fiberglass replica hull and would like to build it as a semiscale replica rather than as a race boat. I also want to fit sails made form cloth rather than modern material. Any suggestions on what to use welcome. Thanks, Ian.

Hi Ian,
         Thanks for the comments about my 1920's replica 'Jenny' in the other posting. Yes she will be r/c, and she is 640mm (25") long, and as such will only be suitable for use on fair days.
         Came across this which may be of use for your 48" long 'J' class. Model boats magazine November 2007 have featured a lovely freelance 45" classic pond yacht, built on a GRP hull. 5 page item both photographic and build detail. Gaff rig with sail plan and a paragraph on making the sails.
          Hope this may be of use.
          If this item is of value and you have difficulty obtaining a copy in NZ, please send you address in a PM and I will send you mine. (They only get sent to recycle at the end of each month)

Happy model making.


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