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     Glad you like the design, the radio is currently in the process of being installed. The sails have arrived from 'Housemartin'. Would like to try her on the the water soon, but the local council have drained the lake. These works will probably take some months as they are trying to eliminate Blue Algae.
     An alternative water is available, but as the reeds on the other side, give me cause for concern with such a small craft, I will probably have to wait, for the work to be complete. It is reassuring to have concrete all around.

Note:- the yachts designer Douglas McGhee, is also from Scotland.

Thanks Tony.

The finished yacht, not yet tested in the water. The local council have drained the lake to eliminate blue algae.

Very elegant boat. does it have r/c too?


2 channel Hitec 40mhz, 1 channel for rudder and 1 for the overdeck sail arm. Unfortunately I can't say how well it works, due to the lake problem as previously stated. I do have access to another lake, but the reeds on the other side give me cause for concern (might not get her back!!).
It was quite a squeeze to fit the radio as the yacht is only 640mm long.

Thanks for enquiring, Tony

Hi Tony, looking rather  elegant and sleek well done there ona beautiful build. Have you sought out other boating lakes around you yet? If not then why not add your local one to the database on or look there for an alternative close to hand. When you do get her sailing we'll all want to see the photos.




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