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   Anyone interested in seeing the progress re: my replica 1920's yacht  'Jenny'. Came as a free plan in Model Boats 1988. Designed by Douglas McGhee.

   1) Balsa cut to plan.

   2) Keel building.

   3) Progress to date.

   4) Progress to date.

   5) Finished item (from Model Boats Mag).

Thanks for looking.

Lovely shape Tony. What are the dimensions? Are you going to R/C it? I have just ordered a 48" J class hull with the idea of building either a scale replica J class (see my other posting) or a gaff rigged yacht rather than build it as a racing boat Cheers, Ian.

Bob Golder:
Beutifull Hull Tony, it should certainly sail well.  When it's complete why not bring it across to Darlington and have a sail with us.

'Jenny', gets a long awaited test in the households 'testing tank'.

Hello all, well that is a rather nice looking yacht. Not normally interested  in the rag powered ones but could be made to change my mind by these classic designs. I also like the "J" class and the Norwegian Dragen class from a slightly later period.




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