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U.S. Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane


Bill Hudson:
Found this posting in the Powered Craft Forum

from gleason.   "Quick question for the group:
Has anyone built the U.S. Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane as sold by Model Shipways??
I am looking at getting the kit, and am just gathering info on the kit.
Probably too late for my response but here it is any way.  I am not familiar with that kit  but I do have a couple of books that would be very helpful  in building one from scratch.

The book The History of American Sailing Ships by Howard I. Chapelle  published by Bonanza Books, Has a chapter dedicated to Revenue Cutters  including several plan plates.  A good companion book  on how to build one is
American Ship Models and How to Build Them  by V.R. Grimwood  also published by Bonanza.  Contains accurate plans and drawings for 12 authentic models. lots of details and instructions.

These books are from the 70s era but are probably available some where on the internet book stores.



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