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PV Killawarra

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Just wondering if anyone could give me some more detailed information PV Killawarra , I have a friend who is good friends with the current owner and some history/information of the vessel.

Thanks  :D

Roderick Smith:
I was about to reply 'only what's in Parsons', but it isn't in that book.
All I know (with photos) is at

Sean may have published more, including technical specifications (maybe).
Use the search function in the sidebar.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

It was stranded at Hindmarsh Island opposite Goolwa for years when the river was low but disappeared a year or two ago after the water returned. Does anyone know where it is now?


Thanks for the information Roderick, I have passed whatever I can find onto the current owners!


Roderick Smith:
If you are in contact with the current owners, you might know where it is moored.
Your wording hints that the Hindmarsh Island owners have sold up.
One prospect is Wellington Marina, which is hidden from the river.
Mayflower was kept there.  The marina went dry, and ceased trading, and even had the phone cut at one stage.  It must be thriving again.
There are two marinas below Murray Bridge where small paddleboats have been kept, hidden from the river.  IIRC both have inlet moorings and river mooring, but the river portion is the side of Long Island where through powerboating isn't allowed.  They are Riverglen and Long Island marinas.

My edition of Parsons is 1996.  Killawarra could be more recent (but not much more), or could have been an oversight.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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