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Three on a slip


Roderick Smith:
James hinted that a small trio was about to go on Echuca slip.
Michael's photo hints that they went up this morning (Mon.7.1.13).
PV Billy Tea is the giant of the micro fleet, and dominates the main part of the slip.
PV Ivy May fitted in behind.
PV Struggler looks as if it struggled to squeeze in.  I guess that, because of limited slip width, It could go no further than having the port paddlebox behind IM's starboard one.

I didn't have the heart to crop this: look at the magnificent Australian river setting (river red gums, the glorious sun).  There is also another paddleboat in the distance (Hero?).

I guess that Michael will now be too busy working on any needed maintenance to post a progress report.
Depending on what the boats do when they come off, I may yet be cruising upriver with them: if there is sufficient water to get through Barmah choke to Tocumwal.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

The vessel which is visible in the distance on the RHS of the photo is PS Britannia, PS Hero is still moored around the corner upstream from the Echuca Wharf!

Roderick Smith:
The three boats came off the slip on Wed.16.1.13.
Struggler was freshly painted.
Billy T was freshly painted (and the name has morphed from Billy Tea over 10 years).
I don't know about Ivy May.

Here are two photos sent by Michael.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

I know that the Ivy May had the rudders re-arranged from two smaller rudders (from her SWPV days) to the more practical one larger rudder to suit her current PV set up - and I believe she has returned to her mooring upstream, near the Echuca East Boat Ramp. :)


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