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Pedal power


victor vector:

Small Pedal powered sidewheeler.

Rather interesting, I wonder how it would work with only one person on board?
I still like this design though.

Roderick Smith:
Scroll through the full set of messages in this section and you will find more pedal craft, including this one:
Wooden pedal kayak

The traditional Australian style looked like a fish, and I believe was a design emanating from Switzerland or Italy.  They provided my first experience of commanding a vessel, both with two pedalling and solo.  They were fairly heavy, but still easy to propel and steer solo.  The thread on them is in Research, not in this section.

The type has been superseded by moulded plastic ones, and I have a few photos sprinkled (search on Thailand, and search on Lake Wendouree).

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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