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Hi everyone, I would be interested to know from Jock if he knows which edition of EIM he was referring to in his original post.  I would love to get hold of a copy.  Firecrest has been in long term storage with her previous owner until January of this year when I purchased her.  She is now in the middle of a full restoration and coming on nicely.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any pictures or info about the boat to help build a picture of her history.  We have some information but mot much, here's hoping some of you have seen her before.

many thanks

Restoration almost complete.  First time on the water in 42 years.

Well....she looks in absolutely as new after what must have been a 1st Class  if lengthy 42 year re-fit, the Dockyard Crew is to be congratulated  :bravo...
....but don't praise them up too much or they will want a $ Payrise
Would you be good enough to show her means of propulsion.......any Plant that makes so much smoke or steam ain't 1/2 bad

Derek  :beer

Steven S:
It's a beautiful boat - please post more pictures and specs.

She was built in 1973 by a model engineer named David Garrick.  He designed and built the entire boat and it's equipment himself in an astonishing 9 months.  He ran her for 5 years covering many hundreds of miles, including a sponsored cruise on the Thames in 1976.  This was for the RNLI starting from Lechlade and finishing at Teddington lock, a distance of 123 miles taking 10 days with stops for fundraising and overnighting.  At some point during 1978 we believe he hit the starboard paddle wheel on something solid, resulting in a twisted crankshaft.  The boat sat on his drive for a couple of years before being sold to a collector from the south coast.  The new owner put her in his shed and from what we can tell, he never even set foot inside the cabin.  All of the builders personal effects were still in place.  She came up for sale with a dealer in Kent during December 2019.  I purchased her in the January of 2020 and have taken the year to do the restoration work which I have done myself.  The paddle wheels are feathering but were seized, the crank needed to be repaired and new piston rings fitted. The boiler had to be removed, stripped, cleaned and a start on the process of getting it approved and tested.  The hull is marine ply on mahogany frames and was in very good condition.  the decks and roof sections all needed work as did the cabin and sponsons.  The boat, whilst a freelance design, is based on the Clyde built style.  The machinery is authentic to the full size counterparts with the boiler being a proper wet back scotch return tube type.  The engine is a compound diagonal paddle engine that exhausts to a condenser.  In total there are 8 water pumps on board and amenities include electric lighting and hot and cold running water to the basin in the cabin.  She is quite complex and fits a surprising amount into her diminutive 15' 6" length.  If all goes well (it might not as the preview doesn't seem to work) you should see a few photos below that show most of it.  Have taken hundreds.  Also still on the lookout for any old photos or information re places she has been etc.


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