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It`s rather similar, F. F. has a lenght of 505 cm, beam of hull is 101 cm and beam over paddleboxes 145 cm. But the deplacement of the empty boat is very low - only 130 kg. The cabin of Firecrest is a very succesful solution and also the whole optical impression of the boat is nice.


I have no idea on the displacement of Firecrest but she must be fairly similar.  The cabin is very nice but does cause a problem in windy weather. With such a lightweight boat, the high sides of the cabin did catch the wind yesterday and cause us some issues.  The engine is rated by the builder as a 1/2hp compound diagonal paddle engine, similar in layout to Maid of the Loch in Scotland.

I will post up a couple of videos if that's possible and if I can work out how to.

John S:
For those with a few spare pennies (well rather a lot really) monarch is up for sale by Preston Steam Services. Even if I won the Lottery I woluld sdadly not be buying as at 14 feet wide over sponsons I doubt if she would pass through the locks on the River Nene near Peterborough (UK).John.

In this coincidence: Probably the smallest paddlesteamer of the world, build by Heiko Schmalz in Saxon. This very interesting boat is a converted GDR faltboat. Heiko is a very skilled engineer.
The vertical boiler is coal fired.



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