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Author Topic: newbie  (Read 973 times)


  • Guest
« on: June 17, 2005, 09:24:46 PM »
Hi, the USE steam plant is still produced in England, though by a
new company. As soon as I can get their address I will post it.
Following the previous suggestion, I would seriously suggest the
Wilesco single cylinder marine steam engine. This weighs less than
the USE and has a lower centre of gravity. Also it is more amenable
to modifying to alter paddle speed ratios. Cost is about the same. I
have owned both these plants and I found the USE took a LOT of
running in and required a lot of steam output. Also the gear ratio
was too low, giving a very slow paddle speed. Turn the Wilesco engine
on its side and you have a perfect single cylinder horizontal engine
with a large flywheel and capable of belt, chain or gear drive to the
paddle shaft.
on the question of paddlewheels, remember that these little river
lanches were SIMPLE , quite often the wheels resembled a simple
carriage wheel with floats attached ! I have never seen a photo of
one with feathering floats.
I well remember the free plan you mentioned. It builds up to a very
pleasing little paddler with a lot os stability due to its healthy
beam. I have built it as is, and also used it as the basis for a
simple but handsome dock tug! Go for it- its easy and very pretty.
Walter Snowdon.

Brian Peck

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« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2005, 09:25:30 PM »
Thanks Walter (& Stuart) for your welcome and suggestions. These plans seem
quite simple. I've built most of the basic hull done over the last 3-day
weekend. Obviously I will have to stop at some point here until I get my
engine. I think I'll go with the very simple paddle plans (and the rest of
the boat) for this model and save the fancy stuff for when I progress in
learning. After all I am new to all this, although, I have been thinking
about it for 20 years since I got the plans (I think I may join a
procrastinators list some day but am in no hurry). I'm glad I found the list
and thanks for the engine recommendations too.



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