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Hi new from Hillsboro Oregon.


Hi new from Hillsboro Oregon.
I'm Currently building A steam powered boat from Scratch using a Cheddar Puff puff horizontal boiler. and afiber glass hull converted to model after Super yacht Tender Simpson Strickland & Co, boats out of england around 1903. this is my 3rd boat I have built would add more photos but can't figure out how to attach more

Steven S:
Hi Bruce - I had the same problem when I joined a few months ago.  After you post an attachment a new box will appear  saying (more attachments) - just pick on this and keep adding.

Welcome, and that's a beautiful boat by the way, I'd like to see more pictures of it.

Yes ...welcome Bruce...... :beer...the attachment advice form Bruce is correct so :goodluck

That certainly is a sleek Gentlemans Day Launch.......looking forward to progress



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