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Hi all, I'm Rod and would like to introduce myself. I joined the R.N. aged 15 straight from school in '61 at HMS Ganges. After training and sea training in Devonport on Venus and Virago I joined the carrier Victrorious in Pompey and of course saw the paddlers Forceful etc. It's funny what you don't miss til it's gone,sailed for the Far East- not for 4 months but for 2 1/2 years, anyhow after rudder problems and dry dock in Singers we changed crew and flew home. Next ship - sublime to the ridiculous ton class 'sweeper Letterston on Fishery Protection- a great time. Then 2 Leanders Aurora and Arethusa finally finished up clearing the Suez canal in '74. ---- Enough of my rabbiting you'll think I'm Ronnie Corbett.
I've built several boats mostly sail, Dave Metcalfs Moonbeam, a Colin Archer, IOM yacht, virtually all kits where all supplied- so not used to scavenging round for parts.
So I've finally seen the light and bought an unfinished Director who's builder unfortunately passed on. Looks like he was making a smashing job, made feathering paddles etc.- a proper engineer BUT I've a few queeries and hope for advice.
1, There are 2 6v Monoperm supers- each has 2 square boxes on drive end (gearboxes?) what would be the output revs, would they be up to the job? What would be an optimum revs of the paddles?
Seems a sin to discard these 2 unused motors. I had read from a member using como 919D-501 saying if anything 158 revs was too much could do with 60 less-- so there is the 950D-501 which gives 126 rpm (enough?)
All this of course using 1:1 toothed belt drive.
Any advice please!!

Steven S:
I'm running my paddlerwheeler with a 12 volt, 150 RPM motor with a 1:1 belt drive.  I usually operate it a just over half throttle for a realistic looking speed.


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