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Just started to build chieftain paddle tug


Pete Berry:
Can anyone  tell me of any books or building info for Chieftain paddle tug. I have the drawings from Nexus but could do with more info. The deck appears to have an excesive camber from port to starboad .  There is also two bulk head number 5,s shown on the drawing. Which is correct?[

Welcome to PD's Pete ...

I cannot recomend any Books as such, however if you search on Chieftain paddle tug in our PD's search function box.....have a  :coffee & you can read some 20 Postings on Chieftan builds or question/comments on the same

That should keep you going for a few hours.....

Keep us posted with your build remembering an image  :kewlpics confirm those proverbial thousand words 


Pete Berry:
Thanks Derick I will have a look. I am still getting to grips with this site. I have design ed and built the gear boxes with electronic control to allow individual speed control of each wheel using one channel. Boat building is not my main hobby (model engineering mainly) but have built several boats. This will be the biggest so far. I regard my self as not a beginner but not far off.


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