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I trust everyone is safe and well.
After building the Krick Alexandra my next project is the Adelaide. Lockdown has given time to plan and build but restricts actual sailing. I started with the Aeronaut Queen as my first project boat construction last year. Although both boats are tested in my granddaughter’s paddling pool, they have yet to experience real water. The Queen is electric and the Alexandra steam so I am looking forward to seeing both past the bench testing stage.
With plans from Float a Boat and a Dutch cardboard model (invaluable in visualising where everything should go). My time has been spent drawing on tracing paper and playing with French curves (unfortunately the plastic ones).
My original intention was steam but coming around to electric. The scale of the Adelaide seems to restrict options for a split cylinder engine with a boiler in between. I am sure that more than one forum member has solved this. I would be grateful for any ideas, opinions and help.

Morning Ken.....

At the as printed 1:24 scale of the Float a Boat plans of PS Adelaide presents a rather modest sized hull for a steam plant installation at 1005 mm [overall hull]

A number of years ago I considered options on the same vessel and had the FoB plans enlarged to a scale of ~~ 1:20

The result is naturally a substantially larger hull of 1200 mm [overall hull]

This then allows for a larger steam plant...however, even at 1:20.....the originals boiler [dimensions] remains a difficult item to scale with any real proportionality

Adelaide so remains on my long list of tasks


Hello Derek,

Thank goodness, I thought it was just me thinking there is not enough room. The original two separate cylinders with a boiler in between is space saving. I looked at the Chiltern Steam horizontal mill single cylinders engine which I am sure you could reverse in tandem with the right pipework. That solution would need, I think a hefty 4/5” boiler.
Read most of the forum on electric drives and although second best to steam should enable a more authentic scale model. Still debating a single drive vs two motors. Have you a preference or advice?
With garden rail, I have avoided putting electric motors in steam locos. OK for Diesel but never steam. Moving on from the cardboard model, I will build the Adelaide 1/24. It can be a practice run for a bigger steam driven boat. Lockdown gives you time for ambition?


Yes Ken......I am sure you are correct that a pair of horizontal engines could be mounted above the boiler...

We have here a member by the WEB name of Hank Williams. He [Thomas] has posted on quite a number of his paddlers including one with a pair of Regner 12 x 36 stroke horizontal engines piped up as a pair......these would be ideal

The real issue I had was Adelaides ever when scaled up to  1:20 was I believe approx 70 mm diameter x 125 mm long....this with gas firing and conventional water tube construction appeared to require firing from both ends!

This put me off......



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