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Author Topic: Wood - and coal fired vertical boiler  (Read 720 times)

Offline Paddlemex

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Re: Wood - and coal fired vertical boiler
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2020, 04:12:15 AM »

Thanks for the explanation Thomas. I looked up Steeple Engine in Google and found plenty of help to understand the mechanism.

Nice idea to use a generator for the "warm summer evenings". Somewhere I saw an article where a guy modified a standard DC motor to look like an old generator. If I can find it again I'll let you know.


Offline Hankwilliams

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Re: Wood - and coal fired vertical boiler
« Reply #16 on: Today at 12:10:36 AM »
Today I hat the first steam up of boiler with engine. I don`t fire with anthracite coal but with kindling and wood pellets. As long as there is no pressure, one must give attention, that the fire don`t goes out. As soon there was a pressure of 1,5 bar, I started the engine. With the draught of the exhaust steam it was no problem to reach 3 bar in short time, engine was runnig well. There is still no feed pump, but the engine could run 45 minutes, until I stopped to avoide scarcity of water. Minimum pressure for running engine this time was 0,5 bar.
With wood pellets it`s very easy to control the fire, after a while of burning the pellets became a glowing pile on the grate. Hotwell was leaking, but this became repaired in the meantime. May be tomorrow I will make an attempt with anthracite coal.



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