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greetings all from the mid north coast of NSW
the top of my bucket list is the build a 1:87 (2.4m) working model of the SS Great Eastern :-)
so i am working on that path
a few model (static) boats designed and built.
currently working on
a SnG canoe started
a prototype (very ugly) director class 1:87 in foam and balsa with an aluminized epoxy skin to get an idea of the problems and as a test bed.
when they are finished
a good  1:47 scale director class (or maybe a dilapidated polish tug that is ?still in use?) about 1M  long and usable as a  high power tug
for when i  build a few framed sailing boats as practice for good framing and fairing (projects with the kids )
then a SUP for the wife's 50th birthday
then the big one.
mostly i will be using wifi and microcontrolers for flexibility and automation (cooling pumps and fans, smoke volume, signals, horns, lighting etc), i have a BIG interest in sensors.

Welcome, don't forget to post pictures.


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