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Another newbie dropping in.


At the weekend I dragged out a plan that I acquired years ago and started copying the hull lines whilst I wait the arrival of the wood.   What else but a Waverley and at 54" it's a fair sized old beast but looks simple enough.   Much as I would like to power it by steam the extremely generous uk pension says no so it's going to be some form of cheapo electric motor and drive.   
Back in the younger days there was plenty of models whether boat or plane almost always powered by lovely noisy ic engines of various sizes from a humble DC Bantam up to an OPS60 so this is going to be a little different.   The old Sanwa rc gear is still in the garage but whether it will work or not is another story.

No doubt I will be dropping in with a question or two once the build starts.

I started rebuilding  my Waverley after sitting  25 years partly finished  its 54 inches long also   , if same plans (4 Lifeboats ) check plans as the plan and elevations are differ ent , I cant get photos up on this site but you can view it on  my facebook page, John Nicol  ,  if you need any info  just ask , Cheers

Yep, four lifeboats, plans are by Alex Thomson and I have noticed that the angle of the deck is different front and rear sections.       I don't do fb or twitter so it's no see.


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