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Paddle steamer "Hale" more questions

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Ilhan Gokcay:
Dear all,

I'm almost finished with my drawings of "Hale". But I do still encounter questions.
Any idea what this can be ?? A lamp or ?
There is only this side view.


I think any form of Lamp is unlikely, possibly some form of Ceremonial attachment? ......Derek

Could it be a shelf with a bucket on it? The half circle being the handle.

Maybe a binnacle with a glass dome or a monitoring point for the water/steam engine levels?

probably too high up to be those as a ladder would be needed to see in to it!

Difficult point...

A compass? To be seen from the upper deck?

What is the part below? A tank?

Maybe a carbide system for the old lightig system? On German paddlers I know similar parts like this part below for lighting.

For a water control I think, it was too high on the wall.



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