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Hi friends and neighbors,

one part of my book about steamboat models will be a step by step instruction with text and pictures of building up a steamdriven model. The boat shouldn`t be too difficult, even for not experienced modellers. Now I think, this open Yarrow paddle launch may be the right object.
Scale will be 1 : 12 with a lenght of 113 cm and a breadth of 20 cm. Propulsion will be the Graham TV1A with a homemade boiler. Beginning was yesterday. At end of april I have to finish the manuscript - hope, that the little paddler will be finished with this time...



hello hank this is a fun project to follow this
this is not my language but try to do it as well as possible
greeting worrior

This is a nice boat and project. But the Graham tvr1a doesn't seem very suitable, unless you radically modify it to drive the paddlewheels.

Really? I use the Graham TV1A in 3 boats, two paddlers and one screw driven steamer. From my sight of view this engine is worth the money and with the hackworth gear rather close to an original steam engine. The only problem for the continental model craftsmen comes, if one screw or nut got lose - this kind of threat is not common here.


I'm not saying it'not reliable, it works very well. Just saying it does not look like a paddlewheeler engine and it would require modification if you wanted it to directly drive the paddle wheels, as done in full size practice.


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