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   Maladroit by name and affliction (Old Age)  I have been ship modelling for many years now and more since retirement. However have not tried paddlers but in considering my next build though it was time .   I initially went for a kit of the Hjejlen on the web but got mugged at the finish line. I am now contemplating a scratch of the Medway Queen, if only because I almost had a trip on board her once . It was about 1950 something and we were visiting relatives in Sheerness . Someone had the bright idea : "why not take the steamer to Southend ?" So we all traipsed down to Blue Town and at the pier found a crowd of others who had the same idea. When the MQ arrived she was stuffed to the rails with passengers from Strood and Chatham upstream and no one could get on, so we all went home.  Such was the passenger trade in the post war years .
  I was thinking of a planked hull ( because resin does my sinus's in ) and to a scale of 3/16 rep 1'- 0" (34"stem to stern)   ;D

Welcome Maladriot  :coffee ......

You will find 146 listed articles on the Medway Queen here in our archives.....[just paste the name into the Search Box]

A 34" LOA model of this vessel would be a very tender hull to use so I assume?...... you are considering a static model and not R/C

As you progress, any questions  :whistle  just ask



  Hi Derek thank you for your message
    Yes I am thinking of a display model , If I went for a pond job I would probably fall in . Not much water in our area either.  Waiting at the moment for the plans to arrive to draw up a materials list. Still have a lot of wood left over from past models .   One thing I need to research  is the construction of suitable feathering paddle wheels but have to wait until I have enough forum credit to access the downloads section.
   Hope the wildfire situation has improved over there, Our news broadcasts which were keeping us abreast of the situation have now been blanked by Harry Megan and Trump .

   good wishes, Mal.

Mal.... being static and such a small model, the detail of the feathering mechanism will be down to probably 275 x only  0.25 mm diameter brass bolts & nuts so totally   :a102

Our archives list 169 entries in the Search Function for Feathering Wheels & you will find some drawings which can be scaled

With respect to older model timbers, you could also ask Google about rehydrating small old timber planks, as depending on age could have lost natural moisture & become brittle ......too brittle to bend

Derek  :beer

Walter Snowdon:
Hello Maladroit. The Medway Queen preservation group used to do a set of plans for MQ and could well still do so. Best of luck with her- I was on the MQ after she sank in Damhead creek- very strange on a paddler trying to emulate a diving submarine!. regards, Walter.


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