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Drawings for Waverley paddle wheels

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Stan McCabe:
Hello all,
I am a new member and live near Lymington Hampshire. Having built a few static models including Cutty Sark and Victory, I am new about to start on PS Waverley. I would be pleased too hear from anyone who has details of her paddle wheels. I will be building from scratch at 1:66 scale.

Eddy Matthews:
Welcome to Paddleducks Stan.... We have drawings for the Waverleys paddlewheels in our "Downloads" area,;sa=view;id=279

But you will have to post a few messages before you will be allowed to download them.

Hope that helps?


Stan McCabe:
Thanks Eddy. I expect I shall have more questions later and hopefully be able to do the download then. In the meantime I haver found a design with feathering which should do the job. I am cutting the sides from 1.5mm brass sheet. My first question now is what diameter I should make the drive shaft, bearing in mind I want to finish up with R/C .

I have used 1/8 stainless steel stock for mine


   I use 5mm stainless steel with small ball bearings in brass cages
   where it passes through the hull.
   One thing to think about is the weight of the paddle wheels if using
   1.5 mm brass, It will be heavy and could make the boat a bit unstable
   side to side as it outside the hull.
   You will need to deepen the hull to allow for the extra weight.
   If you want independent drive to wheels you only need a sleeve where
   they join in the centre.

   Regards Mike.


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