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Hello All,

I am looking into a long term project to build a live steam paddle boat based on the PS Snowdon.

I have contacted the Wirral Archives who hold the records of Cammell Laird (the builder). This has been partially successful in that they have a G.A of the vessels engines. Builders plans are not available unfortunately (Unless anyone here knows differently).

I am new to boats but not steam. I'm interested in construction techniques and build logs. The build of the Waverley I am finding particularly interesting which is elseware on the forum.

I am looking to initially have a go at Computer modelling the Snowdon (or a close approximation) based on photographs and this G.A. Past that if I get enthused enough to start I have a fairly large laser cutter which I think will be a great help.

So recommended build articles please and obviously if anyone has a set builders plans lying around i would love a copy ;)

Kind Regards



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