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Another Alexander Arbuthnot lookalike


I've posted elsewhere on the form, 12 months ago, when asking after advice on electric propulsion etc on a boat like this.
To get an idea of if I could do it, I bought the Floataboat plans and figured, rightly, that building the paddle  wheels might trip me right out of the project altogether so I invested in the paddle laser cut set for that model.

The last three months have seen the boat gradually come together, in stops, and starts, until this week it finally got under way.

It still has some tuning taking place but overall it sails very well indeed.  possibly a bit overpowered, but. A bit more deck adornment, modest but typical, to follow.

Youtube as follows (Select Theatre or Full screen mode)

 :bravo :bravo :clap :clap :beer :beer

Nice boat!


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