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unhappy day yesterday

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for nearly 19 years my Kawasaki drifter was my very reliable companion. But yesterday, just at mileage recorder of 99971 kilometres the engine broke down. A strange metallic sound was the indicator. With the rear cylinder working I came still the last 20 km to our home. It`s too bad...

 :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing


'strange metallic sound' from the engine normally is no good sound.
Will you repair it yourself?
Even though its totally off topic here I would be interested to look over your shoulder.


Hi Jurgen,

no, it don`t looks very good. The fore cylinder isn`t working. May be, I will find a good used motor for my bike - in all the years passing by, the engine was running without any failure. But I think, in any case I will repair in the cold season.

many regards

I do not know the engine on the Kawasaki drifter machines, but are you able to inspect the engine lubrication oil?......

If it glistens like silver or gold  :oops would be a good indicator....



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