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Question about the paddle box and sponson of a PS


Ilhan Gokcay:
Hello again,

I'm still working on the drawing of my PS. Altough I have/collected much of information I came again to a dubious point and ask for opinions.
I marked the positions of the sponsons with red on the side view plan, I think there should be also a sponson where I marked with green as this is where the paddle box sits. I'm not sure if it is true what I think. Should there be a sponson or otherwise how is it constructed.
I have also a cross section drawing where there is no support shown for the sponson. I'm not sure if there are supports for all of the sponsons or not.
And if the other shorter sponsons are like the one on this cross section drawing.

Thanks in advance


Hullo again Iihan.....

I believe the structure of the paddle box sponsons was designed as such with the two principal support elements on either side of the open box itself [which I have marked with a green X]   adequately support the sponson and the weight of the paddle box 


Ilhan Gokcay:
I wonder if it is plausible that sponsons are sloping inwards to the ship. It is on the original drawings.

Ilhan....paper can distort by changing moisture environments...however... :thinking

If you consider that the Elevation Plan is not distorted as evidenced by the 2 red circles on the hull vertical edge, then it is reasonable to accept that the same Elevation view of the outboard vertical of the Paddle box, marked with the 2 red arrows on the same Plan is not distorted

I have certainly not seen any examples of such up to you  :goodluck


Ilhan Gokcay:
Derek, thanks for your response.

No, its definitely not paper distortion. There are dimensions given on the drawing. So the outer edge of the sponson is definitely higher than the deck level. (top of the sponson at the outer edge is 6'' higher from deck level at the board)
I wonder if there are sponsons like this and if it is plausible. So that I would accept this as it is without any doubt.
The drawings are from Glasgow Mitchell Library and they are reliable.



That's the ship.


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