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Hello to all from Peter G in South Africa, near Danger Point - site of the Birkenhead disaster.
Was lucky enough to take a trip in Waverley before leaving Bournemouth - weather was rough and then spouse hated it - wanted to return from Weymouth by train . Persuaded her not to and we had wind and sea running behind us all  the way back to Bournemouth . Captain remarked that it was the fastest she had sailed under him.... Now happily divorced and enjoying life again.
Made my first self designed model at age of eight some 66 years ago - a self designed motor yacht - only to watch it sink and disappear for ever on its maiden voyage . Never built another without thorough testing in the home test tank.
Still an honorary member of SRCMBC - lucky as the nearest club here is a 3 hour drive away and they only "do" warships.
Would like to build Richards Webb's version of The Princess Elizabeth  - have PM'd a member today to find if he has plans as your moderator suggested years ago- turbulent times then  intervened- sadly plan is no longer available commercially.

That happened to around 50 years ago when my scratch built plastic stern-wheeler sank on Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common, during its maiden voyage.
Despite my wife's valiant attempts by wading out into waist deep water it couldn't be found! She made a determined and valiant effort though!
Needless to say we are still together!!!
I have always wondered if anyone ever found it and what it's final fate was.

Anyway thanks for posting your arrival and so triggering that memory....hope you enjoy the site as there are a great bunch of people here with vast experience and experience.


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