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In the midst of buying 2 sets of plans for my next models.
From Vic Aust top notch seller Float a boat

P.S. 'Enterprise'
Small paddle steamer built at Echuca on the Murray River by W.L.Kier in 1878. Her appearance has changed
over the years and we have drawn her as she has been restored by the National Museum of Australia. She has
left the Murray and is now on Lake Burley Griffin at Canberra, Australia's capital.
Scale - 1:24 Model length - 797mm
Two sheet detailed set $55.00
Plan No. SP-308A Lines & Elevations
             SP-308B Deck Plans.


P.S. ‘Etona’
Built in 1898 at Milang as a Mission boat for the Church of England and fitted out as a floating chapel.
Has been restored and is now privately owned and based at Echuca.
Scale - 1:24 Model length - 802mm
Two sheet detailed set $40.00
Plan No. SP-301A Lines & Elevations
SP-301B Deck Plans

If you wish to view their plans


You will be more than pleased with the quality of Float a Boat plan sets  :no1b....these are all hand drawn by Adrian Brewer

I have the FaB twin sets for both PS Adelaide and PS Oscar W

These provide an excellent an level of building detail

You can literally lay your scale timbers on top of the plans & see the view  :whistle


Yes I know Adrian & Rhonda well visited the shop often while living in Melbourne even now buy glue & dope from them as needed.

neil howard-pritchard:
hi Damien...……...I am having problems with RCMB...…………..have tried sending you a couple of messages on it this morning and also posting on your post about the paddler plans...………..but the screen just goes blank and nothing goes through, and then the messages or posts are cancelled when I press refresh...……….think the site might be having a wobbler. I don't have Aron's email address to tell him of such...……….

however my message was about a set of plans I have seen on the float a boat site...……...the 45' Watson class lifeboat that the real boat is in a museum over in your country...…… you have paypal facilities...…...if you do would you be adverse to me sending you the money for the plans and postage for that lifeboat via paypal, and order them for me to be sent directly to me when you order the plans for your new paddler ……..if so, i'll message you on here for your email address to pay, and also my address to send them to...…...if ok with you...………… the mean time could you inform Aron via email about his site please. cheers. neil.

neil howard-pritchard:
but it only seems to be on your posts, as I have just posted a reply on another thread.


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