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I am Jurgen and recently found this forum during research for my new paddle tug project.
I am a model ´51 born in Germany and living for over 50 years in Mexico. My modeling career started at the age of 6 with a Märklin HO train set. Later I moved to RC planes. In the 80s it was RC cars (then new) and in the 00s I rediscovered RC flying adding helis. In between I have build some functional models of 1/16 RC trucks and an O&K cable backhoe of the 60s. A few years ago I also started a N scale train layout, kind of back to the roots.
The naval modeling is actually the least frequent activity. In the 70s I built a Billing Zwarte Zee (still alive) and I own 2 RTS sailboats which see action almost every other weekend.
I love scratch building and the last planes were a Saab Viggen, a Me262 both with EDFs, a Graupner Cirrus and a 30% reduced Quick Fly. All from drawings found in the internet.

The model I took on now is a tug based on the Strongbow, also from the drawings available on the Internet. Main interest is mechanical part of the paddle wheels. I scaled it to be 1m long and it looks BIG. I will start a build thread in the coming days.


Welcome, Jurgen.  Looking forward to seeing your Strongbow build.

Welcome, Jurgen.  Also looking forward to seeing your Strongbow build.



   Welcome Jurgen.

   I also welcome you and look forward to seeing your build and photo's.



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