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Hi from Chris in Somerset


Hi everyone,
A little about myself : 55ish, married to Rosemary one dog / cockapoo by the name of Doogle and a 1/2 Maine coone cat called George. George's mum was a pedigree but she had a " liason "with the ginger Tomcat, say no more
We moved from Surrey last May  to Somerset and spent the last 7months renovating/decorating our house.
In-between house, garden, and applying for new work I've started making some models again, namely a PT boat and a semi scratch build of HMS Burnham .
I have just recently purchased a "Hobby" kit of the Edwardian Paddle Steamer" and after some more research came across your site, which has given me more inspiration as a guest so hence joining.
Hoping to show you some photos in the near future of my progress and any helpful hints/tips gratefully excepted.   

Hi Chris welcome to this friendly helpful forum just ask if you need ideas or advice just ask. :beer :beer


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