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What you don't need at this time of year


Not a lot happening as it's been too hot, but a couple of late night knocks at front door by an unknown approx 30yo woman got us worried she was casing our place for a burglary finding the doormat moved out of place made us think she was looking for a key, so i've been busy securing the place as we're the rear unit. very little chance of neighbours seeing anything wrong.
All gate & shed locks have been changed and my w/shop sliding bolt lock has been changed to a hasp & staple with hidden bolt heads and just to be sure each of the bolts have lock nuts.
Lovely thing to happen between christmas & new year Not.

Hi Damien
Isn't it sad we are more suspicious of people to-day shows how people have in my mind changed but locks are only for honest people .

Indeed Rick it doesn't help being in Gov't housing area, I placed stickers saying smile your on camera at the doors and gates along with dummy cameras & a motion detector at front door.

We are living by suspecting everyone.
Even in Italy it is the same. A little less here in the Canary Islands

I was correct a woman of her description has been arrested for several home burglaries in our area.
It feels good when your hunches pay off.


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