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New project started: Irrawaddy paddler "Mindon" 1948

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Hi friends and neighbors,

3 days ago I started a new built: One of the last constructed paddlers for the Irrawadday. Denny and Yarrow in 1947 shared a series of eight 200 ft paddlers, the construction was made by Denny, Dumbarton and was a slightly altered pre-war construction. The still preserved "Myat Yadana" in Bagan was made by Yarrow with the same plan.
Scale of my boat is 1 : 48, this gives a lenght of 132 cm. propulsion will like most of my other models by steam.

I wish you all a merry chrismas and a happy and succesful new year!


Hullo THomas....we think :gathering..that this will be another for your fleet, so will watch the build as it progresses

What steam engine & boiler combination do you propose?

Enjoy the Festive Season

regards Derek

Hi Derek and all,

probably I will install the American Graham twocylinder engine like in the similar seized "Marchioness of Lorne". Boiler I will make by myself, a flame tube type with 100 mm diameter and 110 mm lenght in front of the engine should be the correct choice.
I considered a long time between blockade runner "Presto" or the Irrawaddy steamer. But the hull of "Presto" is very shallow, it would be difficult to install a horizontal boiler.

Happy new year!

Last week I got the 4 volumes Denny List, edited by the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. A unique work, one find plan sketches of many Denny built vessels between 1846 and 1960. Also many paddlers, most built for colonial rivers in Burma, India and Africa. It should be possible, to buy copies of the plans by the NMM.

The hull is nearly ready, the white color is from the glue. Next work will be a coat of one component epoxy resin (G 4) inside and outside of the hull for complete watertightness.


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