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P/S Ryde


I am a member of the friends of ps Ryde.
A group set up by the trust that has now obtained the Paddle steamer for restoration.
A marine survey has been conducted and feasibility study and although her plating is in poor order her frames are good and her engine complete and preserved in grease.
Her keel is complete and although her bridge has collapsed she is holding in there!
The ship will be dismantled on site for restoration to commence in a few months.
This is her big break!

Welcome Wightpaddler75...... :coffee

Seeing the name Ryde & reading your post I knew we had seen earlier material

In our PD archives, previous notes & postings on PS Ryde are available for you or other member's to revisit......they go back to the earliest days of PD's....possibly back to 2008

From the home page.....just type in PS Ryde + Search and you are there..............enjoy  :beer



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