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Graupner Wheels instructions


Hi, I am hoping that a member might have a set of the instructions for assembling the wheels which they could copy and email or post to me. Apparently when you buy the wheels separately you don't get instructions, they only come as part of the instructions for building the Glasgow. Any help appreciated.

Only thing I could find online about them.

You hit the nail on the head Barry :kewlpics ....that I believe is the only manufacturers document [instructions] & multi lingual supplied......... Derek

Thanks for that Barry, it is a help but I have spoken to someone who says he has seen a set of assembly instructions but he sold the boat and does not know how to contact the buyer. We presume the wheel instructions came with the boat kit. Cheers, Ian.

I have today been given a copy of the Oct 2007 Model Boats mag in which there is an article about building the Albion and Glen Rosa on a fiberglass hull. The author describes the difficulty he had in getting hold of the Graupner instructions but says he managed to get a model shop owner to open a Glasgow kit. He also gives some useful tips on building the wheels and positioning the shaft. I am sure I can make up the wheels successfully but it would still be nice to have the original instructions if anybody does have the Glasgow information. Cheers, Ian.


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