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Steam Turbine Paddlers of the early 1900's


This message turned up on an Australian warship WEB site.....I was not aware that any serious steam turbine paddler work existed....

The HP/LP turbine engine shown for the paddle tug "Dordrecht" appears to be extremely complicated


Turbines were fitted to three experimental paddle tugs built for use on the River Rhein in the mid 1920s and one on the River Rhone, but it never caught on and as far as the webmaster knows, was not attempted elsewhere. The photo and drawing below show the turbine and reduction gear fitted to the tug "Dordrecht". Photo courtesy of Felix Brun of Alstom Power (successors to Brown Boveri) archive.
The tugs were :
PT Zurich (1922) : Escher Wyss (Zurich)
PT Dordrecht (1925) : Schiffs- und Maschinenbau Gesellschaft (Mannheim) / Brown Boveri Company
PT Toulon (1929) : Sachsenberg / Parsons
PT Rhone (1931) : Escher, Wyss (Zurich)
Above : Rhine turbine paddle tug "Dordrecht" at Kaub. Photo courtesy of Felix Brun / Alstom Power archive
The ship was built for Dutch owners and with collapsable funnels so as to be able to sail beyound Basel in Switzerland. She was one of the longest Rhine tugs at 77.81 metres and was 22.20 metres in breadth. Steam was fed to two turbines, one high-pressure, the other low. There was one reverse turbine. Gearing reduced the revolutions from 3600 to 38. Reboilered in 1954 she was withdrawn in 1957, parts of her boiler reused in another vessel and the forward part of her hull used as a boathouse at Mannheim.
Info and photos courtesy of paddle steamers. Info

Hi Derek

I found a picture of french turbine Rhine paddletug "Toulon", built 1929 by Sachsenberg/Ro▀lau. Obviously there was no really advantage compared to the piston engine driven boats. All turbine paddlers vanished in the 1950-tys together with the engine driven ones. Only two paddletugs reached the sixtys - "Friedrich Haschke" until 1961 and "Oscar Huber" until 1967.


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