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Mount Washington (Dumas Kit) with running walking beam - but not with live steam


I don't want to warm up an old topic, but the build of The Mount is for me as a Paddleducks and model making beginner relevant today. As many PD members wrote years ago, it is a very beautiful model, predestinated for exhibition purpose, but not ideal for water because of its stability problem. Live steam seems - because of the much higher weight - only be practicable with an enlargement of the hull for a higher buoyancy. And this, I didn't want to risk. With my installed electric propulsion (original geared motor by Dumas), some electronic components (made by and the MMB FOGGY (smoke generator) the boat weights about 5,4 kg, probably 1 kg more than with a single electric propulsion. As a result, I have - in addition to the general stability problem - the weight problem, too. Hankwillams / Thomas's idea of balsa wood floats outside the hull seems to be an appropriate solution, but quite large ones. They have to stabilize the boat AND to rise its buoyancy. The model is practically finished and looks - in my eyes - quite good, but has not yet seen any water from close up. Now, with the beginning spring, my bathtub is free of ice and I can start my trials in the next days. I'll report about them, whatever happens. My worst case scenario is to have one more static model. But I still have the dream of a running and controllable boat without appreciable problems. 


are you Mr. P. H. and did we met we last november in Friedrichshafen? In every case - the model looks fine. As you write, the floats will not give much buoyancy, but will stabilize the model. I `m stretched for yor post about the test run!


Yes, Thomas, I'm Peter H. See PN to you. I'll report about the results with the enlarged externel floats in Paddleducks.


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