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Graupner Glasgow plans/manual/spares



I've just acquired a Graupner Glasgow paddle steamer model from an auction. It's in need of some restoration work and new control electronics.

Does anyone have the plans and/or manual for the model that they could let me have a copy of?

Also, I realise that it is out of production for some time, but does anyone know if there's anywhere that spares for this model can be purchased from? Or maybe another model with similar spares? 

Thanks in advance


Hello keefs,

which spares do you need/wnat for your Glasgow? with the Plans i can maybe help must have a look into my workshop.

Ki9nd regards Juergen.

Hi Juergen,

Thanks for your reply.

My model has a broken mast, so a replacement would be good (I may be able to repair the existing one if a replacement is not available), I am also missing the two sections of decking that sit over the paddle boxes and the davits for the lifeboat.

I would also be interested in the electronics set up that others have used in their models. My model has a very old and incomplete system in it, which I have now stripped out, I would like to replace this with a modern system that allows the paddles to operate independently as I understand this makes the model much more manoeuvrable.

Thanks for your help




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