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It will be a beautiful model Thomas I'll look forward to your build.

Damien G.

Strange little paddler "Eduard" for rivers Weser and Fulda, built 1843. Obviously the old lithography is not very realistic. But I draw a side elevation - this may be more corresponding to the original boat.


What is that flag that she is showing please? Its like the US one but a union jack instead of stars. Not Hawaiian though but similar?

I don`t know. First I supposed, it could be the flag of Kurhessen (Kassel at river Fulda), but it is complete different. The territory east of river Weser belongs to the Kingdom of Hannover at this time. But also this flag is different. Least but not last the flag of Hannoversch Münden (confluence of river Fulda and Werra to Weser and home port of "Eduard") but it is the same - no similarity. Perhaps it was a private flag of Wüstenfeld brothers, the owners of the boat?

Thanks for that. Yes I too, by default, assumed it was the flag of one of the German states it operated in. I find the flag identity an intriguing issue but know nothing about the flags in question. But I still think it is some kind of blend of US/UK or similar.

I'll report back if I dig up anything.

Looks like a really interesting model to build so I will watch your progress with the usual keen interest that your work always provokes in me.


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