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Hi all. 
I'm a trifle confused.  Firstly I must admit to not having read every word of this thread so I may have missed something.
I read reply 60 and looked at the diagram and it all made good sense.
However I notice that the photos in reply 48 show the diagonal buckets sloping the opposite way.  Surely those buckets in the photos would cause a turning force in opposition to the off centre straight ahead force thus making steering worse? (Hope I explained that right)

I seek enlightenment having not built a paddler(yet).

Tomas Krejci:
      I really recommend you read more links. For answer 60, you must imagine the inclination of the blades at the bottom dead center when the blades are in the water. If you are looking for answers 48 when they are at the top, so it seems to have the opposite inclination..
even padlewheelers are beautiful boats ..


Ok Thanks for that.  My misunderstanding

Tomas Krejci:
OK, Nothing  happens, I also had trouble understanding everything correctly from the beginning..

I`m considering to make a big 1 : 48 model of blockade runner "Colonel Lamb", steamdriven. 25 years ago I`ve built the "Hope" in same scale, the plans are still in my own. The hulls of both stamers are equal, so it`s no big problem to built one more. But the superstructure of CL is complete different, as you see. May be, itīs possible, to make a good model with the pictures of CL museum models plus the fade deck sketch...



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