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--- Quote from: Tomas Krejci on September 03, 2020, 10:31:26 PM ---as for diagonal paddles, I think research of this type has confirmed its effectiveness (see the excerpt of articles). As for my model - I would say it is more adroit than if it had direct paddles.It is also partially visible by the shape of the keel wave. As I wrote, the model is powered by two independent motors with a gearbox and is controlled by changing the speed of the left or right engine. Using diagonal paddles, it rotates practically in place.
But I didn't try the model with straight paddles..
Plus, I quite like the diagonal paddles...

--- End quote ---
The thrust force (F) of a paddlewheel acts perpendicular to the immersed buckets. With diagonal buckets, the lever arm (r) for turning the boat is much larger. Therefore, steering by differential speed of the wheels is much more effective.


Steven S:
Yes - I agree and that is the direction I plan to mount the floats onto my wheels.  I have decided to make the hull 910 long and by 280 wide.  It will be 50 mm to the top of the deck so when submerged to the 38 mm waterline the displacement should be 8.25 Kg.  I work in Imperial measurements, but I think my conversions are about right (36" x 11" and 16.6 Lb).

I have started cutting wood for the hull and should be gluing it up in a day or two.  Would there be any interest in me starting a build thread or just wait until it's finished and I'll post the comparison test results here?


--- Quote from: Steven ---Would there be any interest in me starting a build thread ?

--- End quote ---
That question should not be asked Steven.
Let us participate in your build. The more pictures he better.


I agree please post your build.

Damien G.

Eddy Matthews:
I'm sure everyone would like to see a build thread, no matter how many models you build, you can always learn from the way other people do things!

Plus it's a good way for people that are new to the hobby to see how things are done and then take the plunge themselves....



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