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Spankbucket: the paddle wheels are dummy in the original design?

I would ignore the prop and drive it via the paddlers as God intended.

The only other hybrid that comes to mind is Brunels's 'Great Eastern' but I'm sure others can name more!

What is the scale of that plan please?

Doesn't say scale comes on CD in in two sizes 19 inch and 38 inch.

Bought on ebay from Canada bought from them before and plans are well detailed.


Almost all the plans they sell on that site are pirated from Model Boats Magazine.

If that's the case I can't understand why Model Boats haven't sued them? I've bought many plans from them over the years.

Thanks for the Ebay link....that plan is relisted and I was very tempted!

Their other items include a few paddlers and among other stuff there is a plan and photos of 'Bleasdale', a Scarborough paddler I haven't come across before.

Because of the postage one needs to buy a handful of plans but I am tempted on a few I must say...there is a Clyde Puffer in there too.

Many of them state they are 'Model Boat Plans' so they are quite open on the any event, as long as they're available I'm happy!


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