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...and they have good old Josie...I forgot to mention...!

That's where I got my Josie plan.  :great :great


--- Quote from: DamienG on January 21, 2018, 01:28:20 PM ---If that's the case I can't understand why Model Boats haven't sued them? I've bought many plans from them over the years.

--- End quote ---
Probably for the same reason that others have not sued John Tom, it would cost too much and they would receive next to nothing. I have heard that the couple that do them receive a letter from one of the publishers about every six months which they ignore. They used to reply requesting proof of copyright, which most publishers never acquire.

The plans I've bought all have the designers name on them.
I have tried to buy plans from MB plans service and were expensive and postage was twice the price of the plan.
I have built many boats from MB magazine free plans over the years.
I even built a  3 metre powered glider from a half page photo & plan from a march 1963 Aeromodeller when I eventually sold it a wine grower who'd never flown a model bought it to scare birds off his crop.
I doubt it lasted long. 

Hi Damien and all,

The following suggestion seems rather excentric, but very interesting: Bazin`s roller boat.  I Think, a long time ago in this forum already there was a post with pictures. Bazin`s roller boat was really existing - it should be not too difficult to make an extraordinary model...


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