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Hello, my name is Peter and I've been messing about with models and engineering for more years than I care to remember. I've built model aircraft, flown and crashed them. I've built model boats, mainly tugs and I've built quite a few steam engines, some of them written up in Model Engineer.
About 40 years ago I started on a project and I finished phase one last year. See

I was looking for a gas regulator for this model - without success - until a recent Model Engineer article referred to one designed by Malcolm Beak. A quick Google search led me here and also to a pdf where Malcolm describes his design. I've now built one and it's ready for testing. Thanks Malcolm.

I was going to post a photo or two, but I don't know what size is allowed. I'm sure someone can tell me.

Hi Peter
Welcome to Paddleducks The standard pic size is 640 x 480 pixels.



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