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My name is Sven and lives in Vaasa Finland .73 years. been a model builder since 10 years of age. Previously, it was the most airplane and some model boat with disel engines. Since then, RC flights started in the 60's and 80's. Then came the time for the family.
At the beginning of the 2000s, it became nostalgia with rubber engine airplanes and indoor racing contests as well as wakefield models outdoors. Now the model boat and steam engine are applicable. I have finished my Cadal 2, L: 900 mm. model I started in the 70's and a new model, Tug Cap Sizun. L: 1200 mm, for steam engine operation, machine and boiler are in operation. Model construction continues.


Welcome this time of year it is perfect to join a WEB forum [we swelter in Australia, I imagine much colder for you in Finland with your raw fish  :whistle & Schnapps?] ... so to read and learn, to share ideas and to post images of your build when you are confident

You mention the steam plant is operational is this a Saito plant.....

We have some very well experienced members with steam and please do not be afraid to ask any question

I am sure you know, there are a number of Capt Sizun build video's on the WEB

Best Christmas regards to you and your workshop crew from all PD members from around the world

Derek  :beer


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