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Author Topic: 2017 RMBOA ramble (Murray River, SA)  (Read 1357 times)

Offline Roderick Smith

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2017 RMBOA ramble (Murray River, SA)
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:26:48 PM »
River Murray Boat Owners Association runs a ramble every 2 years, taking in a stretch of the lower SA section, with short days, and lots of riverbank social activies.
A different club covers the upper SA Murray, and through to NSW.
This year's ramble ran from Greenways Landing (226 km) to Moorook (452 km), passing lots of cliffs, and traversing three locks.  There were houseboats, classic cruisers and runaboats.  PV Matilda wasn't in the fleet this year; its owner was overseas.
There was one small boat, newly built, which reminded me of Victor's boat (which wasn't finished, and wasn't a participant).  For this selection, I'll post just it and the various paddleboats which we saw along the way.  AFAIK all have appeared in other threads.

170404Tu Murray River at 244 km (just downstream of Swan Reach): MV Kozwekan.  (Roderick Smith).  I was surprised how cleanly the scow-style hull cut the water.  I photographed most of the fleet at this scenic spot: typical SA limestone cliffs, in glorious Australian sun.
170404Tu Murray River at ~241km, Punyelroo: PV Lance Martin, and recreational kayaks.  (Roderick Smith).  I returned next day, tiptoed through the channel into the inlet, but didn't get far before running out of depth.  I didn't have the time to try other ways through the trees, as I had to catch up to the fleet.



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