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Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:59 am   
Bought my next model today Hull + plan and all the fittings Marks model bits sells, a really good incentive to finish Josie Olsen  soon.
Have to save up for the wheels and fittings Clyde model boats offers for this nice paddle tug already emailed Kim about them.


The hull and fittings arrived today I must say it's the best Hull moulding I've ever seen and the fittings require very little trimming.
Mark is an artist of the trade.   :no1b

Almost have enough saved for the deck and fittings (Talisman) Kim Maclean of Clyde model boats produces I expect they'll be of equal quality also.

I've just finished paying for Volcano hull, plan and all Marks fittings.
Next to save for wheels and all Kim has to offer for this build really looking forward to this scale build. lots of incentive to finish Josie Olsen now.

Have ordered and paid for Feathering wheels, deck, sponsons, motors mount pulleys and belts and Bridge.
Kim said he'd set the machines making them over the weekend and hoped to post monday UK time.
I'm awaiting an email telling me the mail cost.

The wheels were somewhat cheaper without the 12BA or 1.2mm screws to assemble them
Those tiny screws I put in hints & tips will fit the bill beautifully.

Damn Paypal charged me $18.38 for processing my payment to Kim.

This doesn't make sense Damien......... :41

Paypal should not be charging any ''surcharge" on any transaction

Would you like to raise an open this on another thread within PD's ??......



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