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Another steam powered sternwheeler "Ville des Bruges"

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Hi friends and neighbors,

some pictures of my "Ville des Bruges".
I draw the plan after the antique woodengraving. The boat is in the type of  african sternwheelers. On river Congo a "Ville des Bruges" exist, but I didn`t have had illustrations to make an authentic plan of her. So I named my sternwheeler in this way.
Dimensions are: Lenght 142 cm, breadth 30 cm, draft ca. 3 cm. Propulsion gives a modified Regner engine , bore 12 mm and stroke 36 mm.
The boat is quite handsome, only the engine doesn`t like very much to go backwarts, may be the adjustment of the slides must be improved.

Some more pictures of her in operation I`ll send a little later.


Now some more pictures of "ville des Bruges" in service...

Very nice Hank 12 x 36...[~~15cc] that engine must be thirsty for steam that also a Regner gas tank & horizontal boiler?... do you have a boiler feed pump?

I suppose the engine low RPM would help......but what sort of running time do you get?.......

From the Regner catalogue, I cannot see engine components that could be modified for 36 stroke

More detail and images of the engine & boiler etc would be appreciated.......Derek 

Hi Derek,

the boiler and also the gas tank I made by brass tubes usual by trade, they are silver soldered. The dimensions of the boiler are slightly oversized (100 mm diameter, lenght 200 mm, with one non return flametube of 28 mm diameter) because  the model doesn`t have a feed pump. Running time is sufficient - between 40 to 50 minutes.
I have the 2013 Regner catalogue, the engine is named " die liegende 12/36". This piston geared engine normally has a Stephenson gear, I use a simple reverse valve. Steam consumption is not so much - RPM are normally 70 - 90 - this will get a good  and scale corresponding speed.
Tomorrow I will send with pleasure some detailed pictures of boiler and engine.


Thanks Thomas......I was looking for a horizontal twin cylinder Regner engine.......however I now see the 40701 single horizontal

It will be very interesting to understand the modifications......does she self start?.......Derek


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