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Walter Snowdon:
At the start of thec20th century the Cork Blackrock and Passage Railway operated a small fleet of excursion/ferry paddlers, several of which had been River Tyne ferries. Did they retain their names from the Tyne?. Which ones were they?. In Ireland they were known as the green boats -why?. On the railway disposing of them, one of them (PS Audrey) was chartered by Cosens for operation. In the Portsmouth area. I had tried twice to get information from Cork city museum archives but have never had an answer!. Do we have a member in the Cork area who could possibly call in and see if they have any records, names and colours of these steamers. A tall order but I am ever hopefull!.Regards, Walter.

Walter, I have Richard Clammer's book Conens of Weymouth. The ships listed as on charter are, Highland Maid 1848, Wave Queen 1852,
Lord Roberts 1911-1912, Audrey 1911, Helper 1910 -1920. The dates are the years of the charter. The length breath & depth are in this book hope this is of some help. R.G.Y.

I picked up a book on the Cork,Blackrock & Passage Railway and River Steamers by, Colm Creedon, when I was in Cork last summer.It was a locally published book and had a lot of copies of timetables, tickets,etc. I can't lay my hands on it at the moment, though.
The Oakwood Press did a book on the railway and the steamer fleet is covered in Duckworth & Langmuir's "Railway and other Steamers"

Walter Snowdon:
Thanks to both of you. I have the  Cosens book but very little in it for my Irish  needs. Thanks Alistair. I ill have to get another copy of Railway and other steamers - mine no longer exists! Does it have much coverage?. The only other books you mentioned are demanding too high a price for what I suspect may be almost exclusively railway history. Cheers, walter.

Brian Gates:
I wonder if this book would help?

"Coastal Passenger Steamers and Inland Navigations in the South of Ireland".  Starting at 6 + postage on Abe Books:



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