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crew for ps Wodan


the bombus:
Iwould like to share some pictures withe you guys from my crew to be
They were tired of formula 1 and asked if they could work on a paddle steamer
I needed them anyway so i said yes  :)
any comments are as usual verry welcome
greetings from The Bombus

Hi there, if they are the right size then go for it. The crew and passengers on my Murray river paddler are decommissioned Russian and German tank crew. One of them has even had a sex change :-X   
Cheers Chris M

the bombus:
thnx for the comment Chris ,show me some pictures of them if you can
the sitting girl on the box also had a sexchange,in the first picture she is the thirth guy standing up
i ordered a second kit of figures on the www so there is still a lot of modelling to do
pictures will follow in due time
gr from The Bombus


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